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Both RunBoston founders are transplants to the city, but this is where both of them discovered their own love of running. They started RunBoston to share this love of running and their city with others. Our guides share our passion for Boston and athletic endeavors. Read about them below...

Wayne is originally from Jamaica, but has lived in Boston since 1987. He has been a competitive long distance runner since 1979, and considers winning the Connecticut State Class L Championships (5k) in high school, the New England’s (10k) at the University Massachusetts at Amherst, and the inaugural BAA Half Marathon in 2001 as some of his greatest running accomplishments. Although Wayne doesn’t consider himself a marathoner, he has competed in the Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Cape Cod marathons. He has also completed four Boston Marathons and boasts a PB of 2:34:01. Wayne, who has logged more than 93,000 miles of running, is passionate about running and has been an advocate for the sport. He uses running as an outlet and can usually be found running a daily 10 miles around the Charles River.


Ronak is originally from Mumbai, India. Ronak has lived in Boston since 2005 and his interest in running is synchronous with his life in Boston. He ran his first race at the Boston Half-marathon in 2005 and has since then run 6 more in addition to 2 full-marathons. An avid traveler, Ronak has run in numerous cities across the world—Montreal, London, Rotterdam, Mumbai, and Dusseldorf. He hopes to one day run marathons in Berlin, London and Chicago to add to his tally of Boston and NYC and complete the set of 5 major marathons. For Ronak, running is a meditative experience and he believes it's the best way to experience a new city.


Addrienne arrived in Boston from sunny Arizona in was a long and arduous run.  Since then, she has learned to love the seasons and embrace the crisp Boston winters. She delights in daily runs with her adorable fuzzy mutt, Mojo...that is, when he hasn't spent all night chewing up her running shoes. Adrienne adores traveling and running through new cities and landscapes—she has jogged along the cobblestone streets of Budapest, admired the castles of Bratislava, trekked along the peaks of New Zealand, and toured the vast Alaskan landscape.  She is excited to help other runners genuinely get to know the city of Boston.  She loves the thrill of running 5 and 10K races, and has also completed several half-marathons and duathalons.  When she's not running or attempting to train her dog to stop chasing squirrels, she's practicing as a pharmacist at a Boston Hospital.


Karen has spent her entire life living in New England, growing up just outside of Boston and attending college in New Hampshire. She has been an athlete for as long as she can remember. Karen played both lacrosse and ice hockey at the collegiate level and ironically played goalie in both sports because it inolved the least amount of running. It wasn't until after graduation that Karen traded in her skates and cleats, laced up her sneakers and soon fell in love with a good long run! Since then she's completed 2 Boston Marathons, several half-marathons, and a sprint triathlon among many other shorter distance races. Karen finds no better way to start the day than a sunrise run around Castle Island in South Boston. When she's not beating the street she enjoys cooking, traveling, kayaking and pretty much anything else that involves getting up and moving!


Brad hails from Indiana, the heart of the mid-west. He moved out to Boston for grad school in 2009 where he discovered the relaxing effect of running along the Charles River. With grad school under his belt and a job at a local start-up, he now has a bit more time to extends his runs to encompass more of the Boston sights he has discovered in the past few years. Aside from running for fun, he enjoys rock climbing, stair racing, cycling, and just about any other high energy activity or sport.


Julie grew up in Chicopee, MA and started running a few years ago. After finishing her first road race, the Doyle's Emerald Necklace Five Miler, in 2009, she insisted she would never run again. She'll be the first to tell you that running is a true addiction. Since then, she has completed 3 marathons and manages and runs with the Franklin Park Coalition B.A.A. Boston Marathon Charity Program. In the coming year, Julie will be training for the Mount Washington Road Race, her second Chicago Marathon, and the Goofy Challenge in January 2013.


Kim is originally from Connecticut but has been around the North Shore since 2003. Since moving to Salem, she has enjoyed running throughout the entire 8.1 square miles of land. Kim and her husband enjoy plotting new routes in Salem/Beverly/Peabody and running in every city they travel as a perfect way to see a new area. A former soccer player, Kim started running long distances after graduating Endicott College in 2007 and so far has completed 2 full marathons, a few halves and many 10 and 5k’s. Kim loves the adrenaline rush and social aspect of road races but more importantly the beer tent at the finish line.


Sarah is a native of New Jersey and a graduate of the University of Michigan. As a marine scientist, she studies large whales, following them to the northernmost town in Alaska or the southernmost Caribbean island. When she is not traveling for work, Sarah lives in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, where you can find her writing, sketching, trying her hand at roller derby, and of course, running. Running has always been a consistent thread throughout Sarah’s life, but soon she will face her greatest running challenge yet: her first marathon! And while Sarah enjoys participating in an occasional road race, her love of running is mostly rooted in the clarity and freedom she experiences on the open road.


Growing up south of Boston in Quincy, Brendan was a member of the youth track club by the age of 10. He went to High school in Boston and ran cross country and track all four years. He has continued to run throughout Boston alone and with a Boston running club. As well, he has completed 7 ¾ marathons (the heat during Boston 2012 got the best of him), 12 half marathons, and numerous 5ks, 10ks and 5 milers. He enjoy running at any pace and showing off what a great city Boston is to run in and around.


Liz grew up in Maine and moved to Boston four years ago to attend Northeastern University where she quickly fell in love with Boston and with running. Taking advantage of her opportunities to travel and live abroad during college, Liz has since run in more than 20 countries ranging from post-conflict regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the mountains of Costa Rica. She believes that running is the best way to explore a new place and she loves the thrill of discovering new destinations. But in the end, Liz most loves running through Boston during the early morning before the city wakes up. When she isn’t working or running Liz spends her time cross training, cooking, supporting Boston sports teams, and wishing she had a dog.


John is a native of MA and has been in Boston since 2002. In 2006 he adopted Brewster and decided it would be a good idea to run with Brewster for exercise. A 1 mile run turned into a 5k which turned into a 10k. Natural progression has taken John to Iron distance triathlons and he now aims to complete a marathon in every state and continent. John loves to new meet new people and help create lasting memories. By day John is a Physical Therapist, which helps him appreciate his ability to be functional and active. People often asks John why he runs and his favorite response is "Because I can".