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Thank You--From All of Us at RB

We've been so lucky to hear from various runners in the last week--many of you have emailed us to let us know that our beautiful city is in your thoughts and hearts, or to check in that all of our guides are unharmed (they are).

Here's an example, from Elise:
Just thought you'd like to know there was group of about 100 people running for Boston tonight. Most ran 3 miles for the 3 lives lost. Some ran 4.09 for the time the first bomb went off. This is me after 5 miles.  Hope you are all doing as well as you can.  Just know our hearts, thoughts & prayers are with you.
And a few other excerpts:
  • To show support for Boston, I am sporting my "run Boston" shirt at work today in Austin, TX & I wore it to our vigil run/ walk last night. Whatever your journey is this week, know the Austin running community is with you.   
  • Running is the best medicine! I hope everyone there can get back to running the streets and feeling safe about it. They picked the wrong group to mess with, runners will always press on. 
  • All the Australian running community is thinking of you.
  •  I am so thankful that everyone is safe and accounted for.  God was looking out for your runners yesterday. Please let everyone know that EVERYONE is praying for them, and I really feel like now, we are ALL Bostonian.
It has been our true pleasure to meet so many wonderful runners from around the world, and we can't begin to say how much your caring and support has meant to us this past week.

So to all you runners out there--THANK YOU. Thank you for caring about us, and even more, for caring about Boston.